Here is some free / weird / unsellable stuff for your entertainment. For all  proper War Against Sleep releases please see other pages on this site, Bandcamp etc.

MiniDisc Nights

MiniDisc Nights album cover

This is a compilation of War Against Sleep radio sessions and live shows mostly from 2002-2007 when I could be bothered having a band. In those days we often took MiniDisc recordings straight off a live mixing desk, which usually sounded horrible because they lacked the balanced acoustics of the room. With: Guy Bartell (Electric Guitar, Accordion); Tom Bugs (Drums, BugBrand Instruments); Guy Fowler (Bass);  Sean Talbot (Synth on Shamelady); Patrick Duff (Guitar on Evil Aliens; Andréa Hernandez (Backing Vocals on Evil Aliens).

  1. Evil Aliens [Star FM Radio Session] War Against Sleep 3:53
  2. Shamelady [BCFM Radio Session] War Against Sleep 3:56
  3. Master Casanova [Live] War Against Sleep 3:39
  4. This Whole World [Star FM Radio Session] War Against Sleep 0:90
  5. Bedminster Parade [Live] War Against Sleep 4:42
  6. Held The Hand (Daniel Johnston) [Live] War Against Sleep 2:13
  7. Again Love Smashes Up My Mind [BBC Radio 6 Session] War Against Sleep 3:19
  8. Sleepy Old Snake (Ivor Cutler) [Live] War Against Sleep 3:41
  9. Dolphin Land [Live] War Against Sleep 4:01
  10. Puppies and Kittens [Live] War Against Sleep 3:02
  11. Teletext Nights [Live] War Against Sleep 2:39
  12. In A Cottage (Trad.) [Live] War Against Sleep 1:34
  13. Brother XII [Live] War Against Sleep 4:04
  14. The Story of Isaac (Leonard Cohen) [BBC Radio Bristol Session] War Against Sleep 3:38

Wrapped In Plastic – David Lynch Inspired Cabaret

Live show with violin

Here are versions of songs performed with Val Ayres on violin as part ‘Wrapped in Plastic – A David Lynch Inspired Cabaret’ in November 2021.

  1. In Dreams (Roy Orbison) + Laura Palmer’s Theme (Angelo Badalamenti) War Against Sleep 4:22
  2. Into The Night (David Lynch / Angelo Badalamenti) War Against Sleep 4:51

Mephisto 1987

Mephisto 1987

A nostalgic cover versions album of songs from 1987 that I made as tribute for my Dad on the 30th anniversary of his death in that year, when I was fourteen. I didn’t get permission to do any of these except from Sonic Boom for the Spacemen 3 version – hence not for sale. 

  1. Come Down Easy (Original by Spacemen 3) Duncan Fleming 3:43
  2. Human Cannonball (Original by Butthole Surfers) Duncan Fleming 3:28
  3. The One I Love (Original by R.E.M.) Duncan Fleming
  4. Wonderful Life (Original by Black) Duncan Fleming 3:51
  5. The Telephone Call (Original by Kraftwerk) Duncan Fleming 3:33
  6. The Sea Says (Original by Marc Almond) Duncan Fleming 3:45
  7. Cotton Crown (Original by Sonic Youth Duncan Fleming 3:39
  8. Darklands (Original by Jesus and Mary Chain) Duncan Fleming 3:53
  9. Asleep (Original by The Smiths) Duncan Fleming 4:46
  10. True Faith (Original by New Order) Duncan Fleming 4:30